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About this powerful workbook 

Did you know that creating a life you love demands that you make today, this day, one that feels nourishing? Even if it’s for just five minutes.

But in order to do that, you must first do a little brain work: what do you desire? And how do those desires fit into your daily, ordinary life?

As we begin thinking about what your Ideal Life looks like, this is especially important. Because, if you’re like many women I know, Defining Standardsyou don’t want to go back to the hustle and grind of what your life you to look and feel like. That’s why I want you to begin with a single day.
I'm thrilled to tell you all about Defining Standards for Everyday Living Curates a Nourishing Life
  • In Part One, you'll explore what a life you love means by defining the Standards for Living a Quality Life
  • In Part Two, you'll create rules for living your life on your terms by creating Non-Negotiable Standards for your life.
  • In Part Three, you will dream about an Ideal Day in the future, one of the most powerful exercises I've personally done.
  • Part Four provides you with an opportunity to usher a moment from your Ideal Day into your current reality...along with some advice on how to make that part of your Ideal Day your new normal.

Get your FREE Copy of this powerful workbook: Defining Standards for Everyday Living Curates a Nourishing Life

Never forget that you deserve to create a life you love. It begins by building upon the momentum of making a single day delightful.
Since I can’t offer you a magic solution, instead I share this secret: begin today. Start small. I’m here to help.
This eBook was designed to guide you towards curating your days in such a way that your actions build upon each other. This is also how you allow a good day to be followed by better days, because you are not just thinking about how you want to live, you are building a sustainable way to create the kind of life you desire.
This book is chock-full of handy worksheets to walk you step-by-step through the thought processes of defining standards for living, creating your own rules (aka non-negotiable standards) for your daily life, and using the power of dreaming to discover what the ideal day will look life when you’re in love with your life.
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